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Sun Jan 25 15:42:16 IST 2015

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Welcome to gagandeepbali.uk.to. This is my first website. My name is Gagandeep Bali. I am a software developer. So far i had made many small projects of my own. Starting from a small GUI app, to a healthy Tic Tac Toe Game, available in all modes, Single Player, Multiplayer and Multiplayer Over LAN, a complete working CHAT MESSENGER for multiple users to CHAT around. Presently I am working on a project with Database Integrity using SQL Server 2008 R2 and Hibernate Technology.
This whole journey of me learning new things, is full of ups and downs. I learned many a things in this whole passage. This website of mine is solely for the purpose of learning the art of designing WEB APPLICATION. I shall be putting my BLOGS on it and some JAVA APPLICATIONS created by me.
Last but not the least, since you are visiting this webpage, do consider yourself as THE SPECIAL one. May THE LORD bless you all.


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